2D Mobile Adventure Game Setup

The next project I will be working on is a 2D Mobile Adventure game prototype. In this new project, I will show how to set up controls for mobile devices, create enemies, use the Tilemap package in Unity, implement the UnityAds package, and finally publish it to the Google Play Store.

This project will use similar features from the 2D Space Shooter and the 2.5D Platformer projects I have gone over in previous articles.

Since I know this will be 2D when creating a new project in the Unity Hub, I can select 2D from the Templates.

Once in the project, I will need to download some Unity Packages in preview from the Package Manager. To do that, open the Package Manager, click the gear icon and select Advanced Project Settings and Enable Preview Packages.

The two Preview Packages I am going to use are 2D Tilemap Extras and Device Simulator. 2D Tilemap Extras is a package that contains extra scripts for use with 2D Tilemap features in Unity. Device Simulator aims to give an accurate picture of how an app will look on a device.

In the following article, I will show how to use the Tilemap to create a 2D level.

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