2D Tilemap Extras — Animated Tile Sets

This article will show how to create and use the Animated Tile from the 2D Tilemap Extras package. The Animated Tile is used for creating a tile that you can paint onto a Tilemap that will cycle the assigned sprites when the game is running.

The sprites that we will use are these sprite sheets for the center, left, and right of a waterfall. Each sheet is 30 frames long and set to the Multiple Sprite Mode.

The Animated Tile is under 2D>Tiles in the Create menu, creating an Animated Tile asset. You can now drag in the sprites you want this tile to animate through and repeat the process for the waterfall sides.

The Minimum and Maximum Speeds are how many frames are played in a single second. You can make the Minimum and Maximum different values to create some randomness to the animation. Since there are 30 frames to the animation, we want to set them both to 30.

Now we can add the Animated Tiles to a Palette by dragging the asset into the Tile Palette window. You can add them to an existing Palette or create a new one.

Then you can paint with the Animated Tiles from the Palette onto the Tilemap and enter Play Mode to see them animate.



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Kyle W. Powers

Kyle W. Powers

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