Introduction and New Beginnings

I went to school to become a game designer but more from the art side, but my teachers would tell me that I am not an artist, and they were right!

I always looked at things from a more technical aspect and less so the creative — every assignment, I always did what the task required but lacked my classmates’ creativity. None the less I stuck it out, learning to draw through practice rather than natural talent and modeling 3D objects using precise measurements like a CAD drawing rather than the free-form artistic way that my teachers would demonstrate. And so I ended up with a Bachelors’s in Game Art & Design.

In my time at school, we mainly did the art side of game design, but there were a few classes where we would work and code in Unity, and those were always my favorite classes. In the past year, I have been putting my efforts solely into Unity development. This article is the start of me demonstrating what I have learned and will learn in my journey as a Unity Developer.

Let the adventure begin!